Tiphaine Scott de Martinville

Elsewhere - digital photography
Elsewhere - digital photography

I paint, sculpt, cut, draw, write, record, transform, and animate in a work oscillating between gravity and lightness.  Obsessed with a hypothetical 'elsewhere' that we might reach through languages capable of transforming words into authentically desired actions, I fuel this research through various game rules designed to confuse the logical mind and grant better access to unconscious resources. 

Hypnosis protocols, confusional questions, onomatopeia dice, ECGs of an exploratory mind... are part of the tools that stimulate and facilitate the emergence of forms and languages from those I engage with.  These responses become starting points for maps of movement, allegorical paintings, logograms, transitional objets, narrative figures and rolls, all of which I develop simultaneously toward a language for movement and displacement. 

These elements construct transitional spaces and illustrate metaphorical journey stories for a complex and uncertain world.  In times of reinvention, I aim to include sharing and cooperation protocols (talking circles, collective games) within the community to collect new stories.

Several artists particularly inspire my approach: Boris Achour, Christian Boltanski, Claude Closky, Brigitte Cornand, Hélène Delprat, Eric Duyckaerts, Öyvind Fahlström, Fabrice Hyber, Joan Jonas, Violaine Lochu, Matt Mullican, Tino Sehgal, Louise Siffert, Jeanne Susplugas, Sarah Tritz.